Thursday, October 18, 2012

Invented Spelling

Rachel is our 5-year-old kindergartener.  She is one smart cookie!  She knows all her letters, the sounds they make, and can even read many words.  I love this explosion of knowledge in kids.  It is so much fun to see them learning such big-kid skills.

Rachel is at the invented spelling stage right now.  She knows how to sound out words, and knows which letters make those sounds.  Because of all the weird spelling rules in English, some of her spelling is pretty creative.


This is an assignment she just finished for school.  They’re supposed to draw a picture of something that starts with a certain letter, label it, and then color.  The top left picture is PI (pie), then PIN.  The next row is POPCORN (she asked me how to spell that one), then PETSU (pizza).  The next row is PUNCEN (pumpkin) and PECL (pickle).  The bottom row is PANS (pants) and PANDU (panda).

Actually, I think most of her spelling makes more sense than much of the English language!

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