Friday, March 10, 2017

2016: A Summary in 200 Words or Less!

Our year in a nutshell...

#danielstrikesagain, cold, snowy 

Tax season, young men's presidency, food, Young Women Pinewood Derby

Pi day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, World Down Syndrome Day, Awards2You record month, Spring Break, missing Jared, ward conferences, tax season

Daniel turned five, TAX DAY, Rachel turned 9, lost glasses, new glasses, piano recital, learning to read

Painted garage, family reunion, Memorial Day cemetery fun, 2nd grade race

San Diego vacation, Caleb turned 8, scout camp, haircut trauma, summer school

Caleb's baptism, girls' camp, high adventure camp, #danielstrikesagain, gardening, braces

Josh turned 14, Teacher ordination, day camp, 17th anniversary, gardening, running, back to school, all-day kindergarten, new landscaping

Heart Day, Buddy Walk & 5k run, peaches from our own tree, crazy wind and rain storms

5th set of tubes, driving hours, Emily turned 16, spider bite infection, Halloween

Pinewood Derby, new piano, Driver's License, first date

Gingerbread houses, piano recitals, Christmas, Jazz game

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Welcome Back?!?!?

I've been wanting to get back to this blog for some time.  So much has happened over the past 18 months or so (GASP!!) since the last post.

But Life keeps getting in the way!  Five kids, owning and running a business, maintaining a home, etc., etc., etc.  Some days it's slightly overwhelming, and Our (poor) High Five has managed to slip to the back burner.  Or maybe completely off the stove!

Whatever the case, I love having a place to record our memories.  I want it to continue.

So here's the plan: one post a month. Just one. I can do this!  (Who's passing out the bonus points if I manage to get more than one a month?!?!?)

Stay tuned for 2016: The Recap.