Thursday, October 11, 2012

Building a House: Progress is Exciting!

The bricks are going up at a good pace.  Finally SOMETHING isn’t taking much longer than we anticipated!  Seeing how it looks gets me more and more excited to be done with this whole process!


This picture was at the end of the day yesterday.  They are waiting for the angle irons to come before they put the brick above the windows.  Today they are working on the side wall (the left end of this picture) of the garage.  I like the look of the brick more every time I see it!

Take not of the front door as well.  I was surprised to see it (and the sliding door in the back) when we drove to school before 9 a.m.


The bricklayers have brought their dogs with them every day they’ve been here.  Which means Caleb begs me to go to the house pretty much all day long.  Today the main dude in charge told me that Caleb needs a dog.  Yeah, that’s JUST what I want!  Come to think of it, maybe he’s sick of the dog and was trying to pawn it off.  Daniel loves the dogs as well.  In fact, their presence (and need to sniff his feet) has coaxed a “woof woof” out of his lips!  First word, maybe?!?

I apologize for the abundance of house posts.  When we eat, sleep, and breathe house stuff, that’s pretty much all I have to post about.  Unless you want to read about the normal (aka: mundane) stuff like dentist appointments and parent-teacher conferences and what’s for dinner.  I’ll spare you…for now, anyway.

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  1. I love the cool window above the front door.