Wednesday, October 17, 2012

18 Months Old

This little man is 18 months old today!


Little MIster is up to all sorts of good stuff.  He is logging lots of cruising miles to ready himself for walking.  He loves being up – except when we try to get him to stand by himself.  He knows exactly what we’re doing and sits himself down with a “thud” and a refusal to stand after that.  Smart kid!  He gets into every drawer, every cupboard, every box, and yes, even every toilet.  We’re getting better about keeping doors closed these days.  He does a 4-point crawl almost exclusively now.  He loves to climb on everything he can get onto.  Which is usually totes and boxes.  If there is one by the couch, he can use it to climb onto the couch.  He can climb an entire flight of stairs and knows to turn around to go down them the right way.  (At least he could in our house with stairs.  Hopefully he won’t lose that skill while we’re in our rental that has no stairs.)

His communication skills are improving, slowly but surely.  He now signs MORE, ALL DONE and FISH, and he says “muh” for more (and when he wants to eat or drink, or do something new) and says “woo woo” for dog!!  It is so much fun to hear him using his voice.  He enjoys screaming – for fun and when he gets mad.  He waves hi/bye like a pro, and blows kisses to everyone.  He even makes the Indian noise.  You know, when you clap your hand over your mouth and then pull it off, all while you’re making a noise, and it makes you sound like an Indian headed into battle.  THAT noise!  He also makes a clicking noise with his tongue and can do pretty good fish lips (or maybe it’s puckering up for a kiss).


He LOVES books.  He brings book after book to us, saying “muh, muh, muh” as he does.  He loves to point at pictures (and even words) and makes noises with his tongue like he is reading.  Sort of a “sluh, sluh, sluh” sound.  That is a sound he only does for books.

He loves to eat and rarely refuses any food.  He has a hard time knowing when to stop, so we usually just have to stop feeding him.  Otherwise, he spends the next couple of hours spitting up (and grossing out the other kids).  He can drink from a standard sippy cup, a sippy cup with a straw, and from a regular cup if we are controlling it for him.


He is Mr. Social, once he warms up to the situation he’s in.  He spends a good chunk of Sacrament Meeting waving and smiling at whoever is sitting behind us.  OK, he’s flirting, plain and simple!  He does the same thing to people wherever we go.  He seems to be a people-magnet, drawing complete strangers to us when we’re in public.

I’ll post his height and weight stats when we get them at his appointment next week. 

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