Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Derby and a Concert

Tonight was one of those double scheduled nights.  Pinewood Derby for Josh and orchestra concert for Emily.  We decided to divide and conquer.  Jared took Caleb and Josh to the derby and I took Rachel, Daniel and Emily to the concert.  But since Emily’s concert didn’t start until 45 minutes after the derby, we dropped her off and planned to leave the derby in enough time to see her part of the concert.

Josh’s derby car was one of those last-minute “holy cow, it’s in two days?!?!” creations.  He and Jared got it all done, and it looked pretty slick.


His car toasted the first two competitors and couldn’t quite pull it out against the next two.  He had a lot of fun, though, AND he earned the “Most Aerodynamic” award!


(Somewhere along the line, this kid decided that smiling is about the most toxic thing he could possibly do.  I think he really is worried it will kill him!)

As soon as they presented him with his award, I grabbed my cargo (Rachel and Daniel) and ran over to Emily’s concert.  I was surprised that her group was already playing.  In fact, we had missed the first number completely!  Sniffle, sniffle.  I felt bad, but at least we got to hear three out of the four songs.

(I think she was looking around, wondering where in the world we were.)


She got her violin put away so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to get a picture of her with it.  But here she is with her cute smile and beautiful curls.


It was a fun, crazy night.  So enjoyable to see them in their element and doing well in what they do!

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