Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Building a House: The Guts

We’re about halfway through with the process of getting the house’s guts in place.  The shingles are done, and most of the windows are in.  The plumbing and HVAC are done, for now anyway.  The electrical work has started, and when that’s done (in about 2 weeks…OY!) the insulation will be installed.  THEN the sheet rock will go up.  UGHGH!!  Getting all the guts taken care of is a slow and painstaking process.  And it hasn’t helped that the guy who was going to be helping Jared with the electrical work up and QUIT ON US last week.  Major dork!!  Luckily, Jared has connections (and knows almost every single person in this valley, I swear), so we have a new guy on the job now.

These pictures don’t show a whole lot of change, but they’re still fun to see!

The front.  That post on the porch is temporary.  Eventually there will be a bigger post there, which will be wrapped in brick.


The back.  Not sure when they’re going to put in the sliding door.


Some of the attic guts.  This is the heating system for the main level and bonus room.  The ducts for this thing are HUGE!  Thank goodness they’re all in the attic.


Most of the basement guts.  This is the heating system for the basement and the main plumbing center where the water comes into the house and then branches out to all the other locations.  It was pretty neat seeing the intricacies of all these units as they were planned and assembled.


I’m trying so hard to be patient as we experience decision-making exhaustion and school-drop-off fatigue.  I am putting about 30-35 miles on the Suburban every day just taking and picking up kids from school!!  I think maybe I’ll move my bed to the Suburban and make it my official residence.  When all is said and done, it will be heaven living a life that is a little more mundane!

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