Friday, March 8, 2013

Storage Rooms

When tax season rolls around, our lives tend to slow down quite a bit.  Which means any projects – whether planned or already started – slow to nearly a stand-still.  I was hoping with everything I had that we’d have the garage cleared out enough to park our vehicles inside by the end of February.  Didn’t happen.  Sigh.  BUT…we did manage to get the shelving in the storage rooms all finished up, and we loaded them up with most of what will occupy their space.

We definitely need to re-stock our food storage!  But we still have enough that it took Jared and me (and some help from Em & Josh) several hours of hefting and moving boxes and totes.  In all honesty, I’m GLAD we didn’t have any more than what’s there right now!

Here are a few shots of the main storage room.  The door on the right side is where you come into the room.  That little arm of shelves sticking out in the middle (where the Home Depot box is) was quite the beast to work with.



Now the door is on the left of the picture.  On the right side of this picture (you can’t really see it) is the door that goes into the cold storage room, which is below the front porch of the house.  These shelves sit behind the two doors when they’re open.


And these are shots of the cold storage room (AKA: the freezer)…




(Looking at these pictures, it looks like some of the boards are quite crooked.  I promise they are all quite straight!!)

All the boxes are filled with #10 cans of varying items.  Our most used is probably oatmeal, followed closely by pinto beans, black beans and wheat.  When we bought the water barrels, it was enough water to take care of everyone for 2 weeks.  I think we’ve added 2 kids since then, so we definitely need to increase our supply.

I hope we get a chance to plant a good garden this year so we can stock back up on bottled tomatoes.  And my beans and corn from the year Daniel was born are almost gone!  The freezer is looking very bare!  We can’t wait for more peaches (and possibly pears) to bottle as well.  I’m getting a little trunky for warmer weather!!


  1. That's a very beautiful storage room!! It looks so organized and clean! I wish all storage rooms would look as good and stay that organized!! Great job.

  2. Ahhhhhh! We live in a tiny house with no garage, no basement, and no attic storage. A room like this is the kind of thing I wish for when I blow out my birthday candles!