Sunday, October 21, 2012

21 Things About Our Family – 2012 Edition

I did this last year for 31-for-21, but I wanted to do it again.  Hopefully there won’t be too many repeats!

1. We are more than 3 months into the process of building our new home.  (It feels like it’s been 3 years!)

2. We have lived in this valley for 126 months of the 158 months we’ve been a family.

3. We like to make and eat homemade whole wheat bread.

4. We all got flu shots together at parent teacher conferences this year.  We went to dinner as a bribe reward when we were done.

5. Most of us like to sit down and play Legos together.

6. We are all musical.  Emily sings and plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and violin.  Josh can play the piano, guitar and a little bit of ukulele.  Rachel can play a bit of piano and loves to sing.  Caleb sings and can recite lyrics to a whole slew of songs.  I play the piano.  Jared plays the guitar.  And Daniel rocks to the beat and adds a “la la la” every once in a while!

7. No one has stayed overnight in a hospital this year!  (Knocking on wood…)

8. We have not had any pets this year.

9. We have killed more flies in the past six weeks than in the previous 673 weeks.

10. We eat dinner together (all 7 of us around the table) most nights.  Even much of the time during tax season.

11. We attend church together every week.  On rare occasions (like when there is a meteor shower or something), one or more children fall asleep and the parents actually get to pay attention!

12. Our girls are pretty much clones of each other, and our boys are clones of each other.  We have quite the mold.

13. We would like to go to Disneyland…some day.

14. Once we move to our new house, we will have moved seven times and lived in eight different houses/apartments.

15. Most of the music we listen to is Oldies.

16. We love to make homemade french fries (and fry sauce too, of course).

17. We like to take a drive to look at Christmas lights in December.

18. We love homemade donuts, but only make them every couple of years.

19. We like to get Slurpees after we clean up at our construction site.  We fill up the frequent slurper’s card pretty quick!

20. We have not yet camped overnight since Daniel came along.  Hopefully next year.

21. We are so thankful to know that we can be a family forever!

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