Monday, October 29, 2012

21 Tidbits About Daniel

1. He is 18 months old.

2. His favorite food is anything that anyone else is eating, especially treats.

3. His most-used word is MORE.

4. His favorite activities are reading books, getting into drawers and boxes, and putting things in his mouth.

5. His favorite toy is his FisherPrice music-maker thingy that has a mirror.

6. He hates water on his head, face and near his ears.

7. He loves Nutella.

8. He is a champion sleeper.

9. He loves music.

10. His newest (spoken) word is TOUCH.

11. He cries every time I walk out of his sight.

12. He smacks his lips and tongue when he eats.

13. His newest sign is CRACKER.

14. He has reflux, and his medicine is working wonderfully (well, it was until today).

15. He is super flirty.

16. He always pulls off his right shoe when he is wearing his black dress shoes.

17. He likes to tease.

18. He has a fake laugh that makes everyone else break into hysterics.

19. He crawls about as fast as a spider, and cruises around furniture almost as fast.

20. He weighs 21 pounds, 10 ounces.

21. He has us all wrapped around his pinky finger – in a major way!

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