Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Building a House: Bricks

The bricklayers got to work today.  I have been so excited to see this day come!  The pallets of bricks have been sitting in the backyard for months and we have been anxious to see what they’re really going to look like.

Here is a shot of the progress from today:


Not too shabby for a single day of work.  You can hardly see the mortar right now because it is pretty dark when it is wet.  As it dries, and then they “wash” it, it will lighten up considerably.  I’m told it will be a bit lighter than the color of the cement.

If you have never watched someone laying brick before, I would highly recommend it.  It is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece.  I was totally fascinated watching them put the mortar on with their trowels in just the right place.  I can only imagine what a slop job it would look like if I tried my hand at it!

Other progress: the electrical work is well under way, but will likely take longer than we anticipated.  Some of the exterior doors (from the garage into the house) were installed today.  I think the plumbing is done for now.  The cabinets are decided (and I can’t wait to see them finished), and we’re pretty close to having flooring decided as well.  Whew!!  There is a lot going on right now!

If only I could wave my magic wand and have it all finished!

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