Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 Years Old!

Oh my gosh!  I cannot believe I have a 12-year-old.  Every time my kids have a birthday, I wonder where the time went.  But sheesh, this one has blown me away!  I really don’t know where the last 12 years went!

But enough about me.  Emily is the one we’re here to talk about!  Look at this little cutie as a 1-year-old!


Emily has always been full of spunk.  I think it’s the red hair!  From the day she was born, she wanted to do things her way.  She ate when SHE was ready, and no amount of wiggling, tickling or wet rags to the feet would get her to eat any sooner.

She has always been a curious and creative person.  She blesses us with stories, pictures and even musical creations often.  She loves to figure things out, and she often sees things differently than the rest of us.

She is an amazing friend.  She has the ability to be friendly and kind to everyone.  She is thoughtful and sweet.  She has a real desire to do what is right.  She is so incredibly smart.  She is funny and silly and so innocent still (thankfully).

She is an amazing violinist, pianist, and singer.  Watch for her in the future – she’s going to do some amazing things for sure!


We love you so very much Miss Emily!  You are a wonderful blessing to our family and we are so glad to have you.  We are excited to see what the coming year brings to you.

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