Monday, October 17, 2011

Paint it Black

We purchased our home nearly six years ago.  It was built as a spec home, and the builders decided to let the purchasers choose the cabinets and the countertops, as well as the color of the door.  We had come to town specifically looking for a house, and spent a good chunk of our time actually looking.  Once we decided that this was the right house for us, we had to rush to make decisions about cabinets and countertops before we had to head back to where we were living (California).  We figured the door painting could wait.

You can sort of see that lovely gray steel door – all primed and ready for paint - in this picture.  This was taken in 2005 on the day we decided this was the home for us.


Well, that door waited patiently for nearly six years to finally get painted!  Our builder was supposed to get it done as soon as we moved in, and then it got cold.  So he was going to do it the next spring.  And the next.  And the next.

After this long, I figured we’re pretty much on our own.  So I took matters into my own hands on Saturday.  We now have a freshly-painted door, and a very happy me!


It’s black (in case you can’t tell), and it’s perfect (though not perfectly painted, as I am NOT a painter, nor do I play one on TV)!!  It’s such a refreshing change that even the aliens came out to see it!

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