Friday, October 28, 2011

Formula: Another Try

Back in June, the cardiologist wanted us to fortify Daniel’s milk with formula.  We were supposed to add a scoop to every 3 ounces of milk.  We tried, and he puked.  Tried again, more puke.  After a few feedings, it became evident that the formula was directly related to the puking.  So we gave up, ‘cause puking everything back up is definitely counterproductive.  We thought it was probably something heart-related (reflux is associated with heart problems), or perhaps it was a little too thick for Daniel’s system.

Fast forward a few months.  Open heart surgery is a thing of the past.  But Daniel is still being slow in the weight-gain department.  I wonder if I’m producing enough milk, so we try formula again.  But this time it’s not powder added to breastmilk, so it’s not as thick.  Two hours later, the vomiting begins.  And it continues on and off for three hours.

Just a little sidenote: I have Crohn’s disease (Google it if you need to).  There are times that I have had to quit breastfeeding in order to get/keep my disease in control.  Which means formula has to be an option.

This frustrated mama talked to the pediatrician, who sent us home with a bag full of different kinds of special formulas (the ones that are like $25 per can!) to try.  I finally got the courage to try again today.  We tried Enfamil A.R. for spit up.

Two hours after the feeding, the vomiting began.  And, just like previous episodes, it continued on and off for three hours.  Every time we would sit Daniel up, he would puke.  And then he’d lay back down and go to sleep.  He seems just like a sick little baby with all his puking and tiredness.  And now I feel so bad for putting him through the whole cycle yet again.

Houston, we have a problem!  Being the overly paranoid mom, I’m starting to wonder if this is a physiological problem…something in the GI department.  But surely he’d have problems with breastmilk too if that were the case, right?  I surely don’t hope it’s “just” lactose intolerance…but I guess there could be worse things.  I just don’t think I can subject my poor baby to this anymore!

To any DS parents reading this, have you had any experiences like this?  Suggestions?  Words of wisdom?

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