Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Last night was pumpkin carving time at our house.  Jared was out of town, so it was me, four kids, a couple of knives, and lots of slime!  I dare you to find anything to top that!



Josh was a maniac with the knife.  I’m so amazed – and relieved – that he still has all of his fingers and all of his skin is intact! 


I did the cutting on the other three pumpkins, as I’m not up to handing over a knife to a 4- and 3-year-old, and Emily is rather paranoid.  I took directions from Rachel and Caleb as to how their pumpkins should be carved, and Emily had hers sketched onto the pumpkin.

I was thoroughly entertained hearing all four of them complaining about how disgusting all the pumpkin guts were.  Caleb was completely hilarious (I can say that NOW) flinging pumpkin guts off his hands with a grossed-out look on his face!



We ended up with four creepy-looking jack-o-lanterns, four cups of pumpkin seeds to roast and a great big, slimy mess on the table and floor.  How’s that for fun?!?

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