Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6 Months & 6 Weeks

As of yesterday, Daniel is officially 6 months old!!  Six months!  Really?!?!  Time flies so quickly.  It’s almost impossible to believe that we’ve had him with us for longer than we “knew” about Down syndrome during my pregnancy.

This boy is amazing and wonderful and sweet as can be.  He is getting so strong and has really started to rock the neck strength.  Just look at all this cuteness!  (I’ll wait while you give him some kisses and snuggles…)  That is just the most irresistible face I have ever seen!


He is getting to be a rolling champ too.  We get to do a lot of tube unwrapping and untangling every day because of it, and I couldn’t be more pleased!  (All that extra skin on the back of his neck is awesome for nibbling!)


Remember my little photo project?  (I’ll wait while you refresh your memory.)  I was SHOCKED at the size difference!  I couldn’t even get the outfit completely over his shoulders!  Such a little chubster!


And, as if it isn’t shocking enough that he’s already 6 months old…

Today it has been 6 weeks since he had surgery!!  Oh. My. Goodness!!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  And what a difference 6 weeks makes!!


I am really enjoying Daniel’s more vibrant and lively side.  It feels so good to see him have the energy to move around and explore and EAT!  (Can you see a few more rolls in that third picture??)  He’s a mover and a shaker and I can see lots of cabinet locks and mess cleaning in our future!

Right now…just enjoying his deliciousness (and his oxygen antics)!


Time for some snuggles and nibbles!