Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a Typical Week

I’m going to take a break from Down syndrome posting today.  This IS our family blog, and we always have a lot going on.  So, I think it’s time for a family update.

Monday brought parent teacher conferences for Emily and Josh.  They are both great students and their teachers had nothing but the highest praise for them.  That always makes me beam!  It is so nice that they do what they’re supposed to when I’m not around, and I’m so glad their teachers recognize what great kids they are.  I have to admit that I underestimated Emily with this change from elementary to middle school.  She has proven me wrong in a BIG way.  This isn’t the first time she has served me a great big piece of humble pie!

We had an extra special treat for family home evening to celebrate Emily’s and Josh’s accomplishments in school.  Jared was in charge and decided on Zeppe’s, an Italian frozen treat place.  The kids had Italian water ice in various flavors, and Jared and I shared a gelata, which is Italian water ice and frozen custard.  The kids loved it.  I’d rather have ice cream.  I wish I would have had my camera to capture the four older kids sitting in a row on the bar stools.  Though I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a decent picture, as Caleb bounced back and forth from one end of the place to the other, with an occasional ninja move thrown in just for kicks.


The kids had the day off school on Tuesday because of parent teacher conferences.  I LOVE days when we don’t have to be on a schedule and we can just lounge around and enjoy a little freedom.  Emily stayed in her PJs the entire day, and Rachel was in hers until well into the afternoon!  The weather was a little weird, with pounding rain one minute and blue skies and sunshine the next.  Jared only worked half the day so he could have some time to spend with the kids.  That made it easy for me to run to my dentist appointment in the afternoon.  It’s nice to have clean teeth, but my mouth is sure not recovered from pregnancy hormones yet.


It was hard to get back to the school routine on Wednesday.  Six a.m. comes awfully early!  We had a typical day of school for the big kids and preschool for Rachel in the afternoon.  Caleb and I took Daniel to the doctor’s office for a quick weight check.  Daniel weighed in at either 13 pounds, 1 ounce or 13.1 pounds.  So, he has gained about 1 pound since his surgery.  Hmmm…I was hoping for a little more.  We’ll have to see what a week off of the Lasix brings.


The kids and I had a Wii night while Jared was at the temple.  Rachel is quite the swordfighter, so you better keep an eye on her!  One of these days I will get her on video.  She gets her entire body going, and manages to keep a smile on her face and giggle the entire time!

Jared and I went to the High Priest social up at Beaver Creek Lodge on Thursday evening.  It had been quite a rainy day, and we could see the snow level creeping down the mountain.  I was hoping we’d get a call saying they were moving it to the church, but no such luck.  It was a beautiful drive up the canyon, and we had a good time at the social.  It was snowing for most of the drive home, but thankfully not sticking to the road.  Where has fall gone??  It was summer on Monday – 80 degrees – and now it’s in the 40’s and miserable!  I am NOT ready for winter!

As a side note, Thursday was the first time we have left Daniel with someone else (besides at the hospital)!  I felt kind of lost without him, and I was about 10 pounds lighter without the oxygen to lug around.  I almost couldn’t stand to be away, and was happy when we were on our way home.

And today…Friday!  Rachel got to take the snack for preschool today, and that’s all we’ve heard about for days!  She came home singing a cute song about pumpkins and witches.  We had chili and cinnamon rolls for dinner…the perfect way to celebrate the end of the week and warm up from the cold, wet weather.


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