Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24

Wow!  I can’t believe I have posted every day for the past 24 days!  That, my friends, is very much a miracle!  In all honesty, though…I’m running out of stuff to say!  Shocker, right?!?  Our lives are just so darn ordinary!  I have a really hard time making what we do seem exciting and thrilling, let alone something worth reading.  So, if you have any ideas about what you’d like me to post for the last 7 days, I’d love to hear them.

Daniel had his 6-month check-up on Saturday.  Who does that on a Saturday?!?  I felt a little disappointed, as he only gained 5 ounces in two-and-a-half weeks!  Seriously??  What happened to the crazy weight gain he was supposed to have once his heart was fixed?  Being 1) a mom, 2) a woman, and 3) the only source of his food, I have come to conclude that it’s all my fault and there must be something wrong with my milk, or the way I’m doing things, or all of the above!  The doctor felt like the weight gain was OK, and said gaining weight too easily after surgery signals a problem.  Fine.  I’ll take the 5 ounces and run.  So, the official stats were:

Weight: 13 pounds, 6 ounces

height: 25.25 inches

He’s hanging right at the 45th percentile for weight and height, right where he’s been most of his life.  So I guess I just need to chill and not internalize every (perceived) problem in the world, right?!!

He got a flu shot, as well as his 4-month vaccines.  He couldn’t have them on time because of surgery.  By the end of the day, he was feverish and extremely cranky on top of being super congested (which has been going on for the last couple of weeks).  Needless to say, it was a loooong night.

As far as milestones go…well who really knows?!?!  I can tell you that he is an awesome tracker, he talks a lot, he rolls from his back to his tummy (and occasionally from his tummy to his back), he is a voracious thumb-sucker, he’s getting to be pretty good at supported sitting, and he holds his head up pretty well (still a bit wobbly).  He loves his hands and feet, he loves books, and he loves his siblings.  He is the best sleeper of any of our kids…hands down.  It is truly a joy to watch him and experience the world with him.


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