Monday, September 12, 2011

We Are Home!

We made it out of the hospital today and arrived home a little while ago.  Home never looked so good!  I calculated that Daniel spent 147 hours in the hospital!  He has a few new scars and a tank of oxygen to lug around.  But I’d say those are a fair trade-off for a heart that works the way it should!

We express our love and appreciation to the doctors, surgeons and nurses who watched over Daniel for the past week.  They are amazing people and we are so thankful for the work they do.

We also express our love and appreciation to those who were thinking, praying, and fasting for Daniel and our little family.  We thank you for sharing your faith with us.  We thank you for the time you have given in service to our family.  Words fall short, but know how very much we love you and how thankful we are for you.

Words will never adequately express the rollercoaster of emotions we have been through and what it’s like to go through such a journey.  I am so thankful for the guidance and comfort of the Holy Ghost.  While completely giving over my son to the care of someone else was the most difficult thing I think I have ever done, I was immediately given a sense of peace and calm, knowing that he was in the hands and care of the Savior.  That sense of peace never left for a moment and was indeed a wonderful gift.

We love our Daniel so very much!  He has proven to have incredible strength and fortitude.  In the words of a friend, he’s our “SuperDan.” We are so blessed to have him in our family and back home where we can all enjoy him together!


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  1. Good morning, Heather!
    Darling picture! Nice you got one of him with the canula in his NOSE, not his MOUTH! SuperDan does look healthy and happy, though - doesn't he?
    Love ya,