Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post-op Day 1

Wow!  What a great sight we had when we walked into the ICU this morning.  Daniel’s vent tube had been removed, his catheter had been removed, and he was chugging a bottle of Pedialyte!  This kid is a super star!  He is doing really well and getting back to his super squirmy self.  We’re still working on controlling his blood pressure.  He is responding to the meds for it – thankfully – but it just keeps creeping back up when the meds run out.  We’ll get there.

Here are some pictures of the handsome little guy.

Dad got the honors of the first bottle today.


Happy (and very relieved) mamma enjoying his attempts at opening his eyes.


The eyes opened for a minute or two.  He really wants to see us and loves to be touched and “held” while he squirms.


He’s just doing really well and keeps progressing.  Our nurse last night said she thought he would be out of the hospital by Sunday (but don’t quote her on that)!  That would be the best thing ever!


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