Friday, September 2, 2011

Confidence becomes her

Miss Rachel waltzed into her first day of preschool today with her curls bouncing and a huge smile on her face.  No tears.  Not even a hint of worry or sadness.  We’re in for some fun with this girl!  Her personality is just dazzling and silly and confident.  It’s hard to believe she was our little NICU baby just four years ago!  Look how far she’s come!

before after

These two have been almost inseparable for the last three years.  What will he do without her?


(Caleb seemed just as excited for preschool as she was.  I don’t think he quite understood that she was going and he was not.)

I was so delighted to see her playing happily with the other kids when I picked her up.  She buzzed from here to there just like a busy little bumblebee, with barely a glance in my direction.  I beamed with pride to hear her teachers say how delightful she is, and how much they love her cute laugh.  She ran to greet me when it was time to leave, and we walked hand-in-hand as she told me, “Well, we learned EVERYTHING!”

Where has my baby gone?

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