Sunday, September 11, 2011


Things were looking good for Daniel to be released today.  He was supposed to have a sedated echo this morning, and that’s when our “plans” started unraveling!  The team of doctors came in to talk before the echo.  His chloride level is low (one of the electrolytes), most likely from the Lasix (a diuretic to help keep fluid out of the lungs).  Normally Lasix causes low levels of Sodium, then low levels of Potassium, and THEN low chloride levels.  Daniel’s sodium and potassium are fine.  So the nurse practitioner wanted to keep him overnight so they could check electrolyte levels in the morning, but the cardiologist and surgeon both felt that was unnecessary…assuming that his echo looked good.  They said Daniel could have some specific medicine that would take care of it, and they felt fine about sending him home today.

The echo was supposed to be at 9 a.m., so Daniel hadn’t been allowed to eat since just before 6 a.m. (because of the sedation).  There was some sort of scheduling mix-up, so they were hoping to get it done by noon.  And in the meantime, Daniel was a cranky, very hungry boy!  Around 11:30 the nurse said it was time to go, and they decided not to do sedation.  WHAT?!?!  Poor Daniel has been STARVING all morning while waiting for this procedure, and they decide to not do the sedation?!?!  I wasn’t very happy and expressed that I was a little upset that he was forced to starve all morning…for nothing!  Thankfully I was able to feed him a bottle – which he devoured – while the echo was completed. The echo tech got my hopes up as she said, more than once, “Oh, this looks great.  You guys are SO going home today!”  Yippee!!

I got back to the room and started organizing our things so we’d be ready the minute we were given the green light.  I should have known.  For some reason, the cardiologist changed his mind after looking over the echo.  The repair still looks good and there is minimal valve leakage.  The pressure in the right side is a little high..which means Daniel will be on oxygen for a little while.  But he felt we need to recheck the electrolytes again tomorrow morning.

Hangin’ out  with the leggings on!


We were sad we missed the Buddy Walk yesterday.  We went on a wagon ride through the halls instead.  Our own little Buddy Walk!


So here we are, hospital hostages for one more day.  Today would have been so much easier to coordinate going home (especially for Jared).  But I guess that’s the way life goes!  At least I can enjoy my boy for that much longer, all to myself (and the nurses and the doctors)!


  1. That wagon picture is PRECIOUS ♥

    What a roller coaster of a day! And I can't imagine not being able to feed your hungry baby :(

    Hoping tomorrow finds you safely at home!

  2. Hope today is turning our well Heather...Thanks for keeping us all updated.
    Wish we could do something for you...