Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Bugs!

The virus testing all came back negative.  No RSV, no cold, no flu!!  (I knew it all along, but I’m glad they covered their bases.)  So we’re out of isolation mode and the nurses don’t have to use gowns and masks around Daniel anymore.

We moved rooms today, but we’re still in ICU.

And we’re winning the tube war in a major way.  One chest tube (I think I mentioned that in the last post) and his central line (basically a great big IV in the side of his neck) were both removed earlier.  His arterial line (in his hand) will be removed shortly after midnight.

Daniel is sounding a lot better – not nearly as squeaky and congested– but he still needs suction to help clear things out and he’s still working harder than normal to breathe.  We’re trying to wean him off of high flow oxygen, but it’s going slow.  Until he is off high flow – which keeps him from taking anything orally – we will be hanging out in the ICU.  (But I really don’t mind, because the nurses are a lot better.  Shhh….don’t tell the floor nurses!)  His nurse and respiratory therapist have been working really hard to get him to cough more often, so he got to sit up for a little bit while the nurse patted his back and the RT put a little vibrator-thingy on his chest.  He is just too darn cute!


(I wish I didn’t have to use a flash {picture on the right} but the lighting in here is not great and he’d be a cute little blur if I didn’t)

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