Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at our boy! (post-op pictures)

We’re here in the Cardiac ICU with Daniel now.  He’s doing really great.  He has a ton of tubes and wires attached, he’s on a ventilator, and he’s more still than I’ve ever seen him.  But he looks GOOD!

Right now they’re trying to get his blood pressure down.  It needs to stay on the low side so the repairs can “cure” and not be too stressed.

Here are a few pictures (warning for those who may be a little squeamish):


He’s kinda hard to find under all those wires, but he’s there!  Contrast that with this one from this morning:


Maybe it’s just the placebo effect, by I can see a real difference in his color already.  He looks more pink to me.

He’s a little cold, so they keep putting heat packs and warm blankets on him.


Check out the pilgrim look!


We are so relieved to see him again and know that he’s being a little rock star!  We haven’t touched him yet because it causes his blood pressure to raise.  So for now we’ll just enjoy watching him and be thankful for all the progress.


  1. You have been on our minds all day. I am so happy the surgery went well. Now on to recovery and the rest of his little life!
    We both think he looks really good! A little miracle!

  2. I am so glad to hear it all went well. I thought of you all day. He looks so precious.

  3. This picture brought me to tears! I can't imagine how much strength it must have taken just to hold it together when you saw him like that. :( Hope you are feeling the strength of everyone's love and prayers!