Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Long ICU!

Daniel got moved out of ICU and onto the surgical floor last night!  He had a really great day yesterday.  He started talking again, he was pulling at his nasal canula, and I even coaxed a smile or two out of him!  He is taking his feeds orally, so the N-G tube has become little more than a decoration at this point.  I think it has to stay in until we’re ready to leave…just in case. 

I stand in awe of the nurses whose days and nights are filled with caring for the kids who spend time in the ICU.  It is definitely NOT the happiest place on earth.  The stress level is almost tangible, and I saw many a worried parent while we were there.  Those nurses have a hard job, and somehow they manage to do it beautifully, and with a smile and many kind words for those of us living through the difficulty.

This morning Daniel got the last two chest tubes and pacer wires removed, and they also pulled one of the last two IVs (the one in his foot).  They gave him some morphine (having chest tubes removed is a painful thing), so he’s super restless and very sleepy right now.  They’re hoping to get a sedated echo tomorrow morning to make sure everything still looks good.

Which means…we may be able to leave tomorrow or Monday morning!  I don’t think I have ever looked forward to either of those days as much as I am right now!

I took pictures this morning, while he was awake and before he got mad about chest tubes coming out.  So these pictures show him more wired than he really is.

Yum…oxygen in the mouth!  I think I’d have the same look on my face too!


Still pretty wired up.  (See the blue wire?  That is part of the pacer wires that they installed in case he needed a pacemaker.  The ends are stored in the tubes with the green lids. [There’s one right by his right hand.]  Almost where the blue wire goes into his chest, there is a suture…that’s from the chest tube they pulled out a couple of days ago.  The two white bandages [one sort of underneath his right hand] are where the other two chest tubes are.  Those tubes and pacer wires have all been removed now.  Those two white circles on his upper chest are just keeping track of his pulse.)




We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can get out of here sooner than later!

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  1. Wonderful!!!! Praying for you guys! Your journey is really helping put my heart at ease as we will be doing this in 10 days