Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Day!

Daniel had his first appointment with the cardiologists at Primary Children’s today (not counting right after he was born).  Lucky us, it was at 8 AM!!  We hopped into the Suburban by 6 AM and were on our way.  (Thanks to Mindi for giving up her ENTIRE day to take care of our kiddos!!)  I was lucky enough to be functioning on 4 1/2 hours of sleep – I can sort of sympathize with Jared now!  Sort of.  OK – so one day doesn’t really count.  But let’s just pretend…it’s more fun that way!

Daniel had an echocardiogram scheduled first, then we were supposed to meet with the doc. at 8:30.  Haha!!  I should know by now that EVERYTHING in the medical field takes longer than expected.  By the time we met with the doctor it was 10:00!!  She said the PDA (large hole, basically) was mostly closed and there was no blood flow through it.  YEAH!!!!  That is good news!  And the AV canal looks the same as it did last week, and the time before, and the time before…another YEAH!!!  So, the plan is to stick with the plan – surgery in 4-6 months, and Daniel needs to eat and grow until then.  Simple enough!

In all the excitement, Daniel just slept.  And slept.  And squeaked a little.  Until they pulled the stickers for the EKG off.  The first set – there were 3 of them – had been on for over an hour.  He really started wailing when they came off!  That was the most and loudest I have heard him cry.  He beat that record hands down when they pulled the next set of stickers off – all 13 of them!  Yeah, I think I’d be screaming too.  The poor little guy has marks all over from the darn things!

By the time we walked out of the hospital, it was around 11 AM.  We ran a quick errand, and were then on our way into downtown to get gas and a bite of lunch and then head home.  I guess we just shouldn’t make plans because life has a way of destroying them.

We were on 3rd West between 7th and 8th South when we ran out of gas!!  (Hehe…I wasn’t the one driving.  Now I can give Jared a hard time about it for a while!!  He still teases me about the 2 times he’s rescued me when I’ve run out of gas.)  We didn’t heed the warning soon enough, and we paid for it.  We were able to coast a couple more blocks and get pulled off to the side of the road, but there was no gas station in sight.  So we called my mom to come rescue us.  Thanks mom!!  I’m so glad we weren’t on the freeway when it happened.  So that little episode ended up taking an hour!

I fully expected to be home by noonish, one o’clock at the latest.  Uh huh.  Plans.  Life.  Do they really mix well??  We Ripplingers really know how to make life exciting!

And now you need a picture.  I don’t have one from today, but I do have a few from our Easter celebrations (Saturday).



I love the look on Rachel’s face in this one!



I asked Josh to show me his cast…???


And just because I love this one (from Stacie) of the three of us after Daniel was born.  Such handsome boys!!!


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