Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Something Extra

What seems like forever ago (December to be exact) we had our “routine” growth ultrasound with Daniel.  That is a day that will live forever in my mind.

That was the day we found out that Daniel has a pretty serious heart defect.  It was also the day we found out that this particular heart defect, as well as a few other things found on the ultrasound, led the doctor to believe that this little boy may have Down syndrome.

We made the decision to forgo amniocentesis and just wait until this little guy was born to know anything for certain.  Those were the longest 4+ months of my life.  But they were so important.  They gave us time to prepare and to find peace with the possibility of having a child with “special needs.”

I knew as soon as I saw Daniel that he indeed has Down syndrome.  And I also knew as soon as I saw him that he is perfect.  He is just the way he is supposed to be.  He came with a set of totally cool “designer genes” that give us a little more to love.  A little more to appreciate.  A little more to cherish.  And that is just what we will do!


  1. This made me cry Heather. What a lucky boy to be born to such an incredible mother.

    And what a blessing for your family as well. Some of the most powerful feelings of the spirit I have felt, have been when I'm been in the presence of those with Down syndrome. They have a perfect innocence that's unlike anything else on earth. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father loves them twice as much (and I'm sure their mamas do too!)

    Congratulations, and thank you for your example of faith and love!

  2. PS - I'm sure 100 people have already sent you this link, but here is one of my favorite blogs. She does such a beautiful job of capturing the joy & beauty of her precious little one.

    (Click on "Start Here if You're New" at the top)

  3. Thanks Katie - you are too sweet. I actually ran into Kelle's blog not long after we were given all this news. I bawled my eyes out as I read Nella's birth story. I had so many of those same feelings and worries! Kelle truly is an inspiration.

  4. Hello Ripplingers! Congratulations on Daniel's latest addition to your already-adorable family! He really is a handsome guy! I hope we will have a chance to see him when we are out there in June. We miss seeing all of you!

    Uncle Darin :-)