Monday, April 4, 2011

So Much For THAT Idea…

Can you hear the screaming?  That’s me.  I’m ready to throw something at the doctor.  The man won’t budge – not even by a day – on delivering this baby before 39 weeks!!  Why is the other doctor OK with a few days before 39 weeks and this one won’t budge an inch?!?!  GRRRR!!  I am NOT happy…NOT happy! {His reasoning is that the cardiologists would have him around the neck.  Whatever!}

As if I wasn’t worried enough about just getting to Salt Lake to deliver this baby, now I have to push it that much longer and worry even more!

Of course if I go into labor they’ll just deliver.  Now wouldn’t THAT be fun – driving 90 minutes in a rush to get to the hospital, wondering if the next contraction will be the last one, keeping track of mile markers along the way in case we have to call an ambulance.  Can’t you just see it now?

I am NOT happy…NOT happy at all!


  1. I'm so sorry Heather! Why do you have to go to SLC? Is there a risk involved with the baby? I hope it all goes ok!!!

  2. Oh, and I'm going to be in Provo again for Women's Conference...I'd love to see you. But, I'm on a really short trip this time, leaving Sat morning and you'll have a new baby. Maybe next time, or if you ever come to NY?