Monday, April 25, 2011

Rachel is 4!!

How can it be that 4 years have passed already??  Holy cow – time is slipping away from me!

Rachel had her 4th birthday yesterday – on Easter – and she loved every minute!


Rachel’s life started out on the rocky side, and it’s only gotten better and better!  She is such a smartie, and quite tender-hearted.  She can always make you feel better if you’re down, and she loves to tell you how much she loves you.  She’s just full of warm fuzzies!

She’s also full of spunk, and can get quite upset if things don’t go her way.  I think it’s the red hair!

She loves to color and can spend lots of time working on tiny little details in a picture.  She also loves to read and look at books.  Often times she will sit quietly and look at books while the rest of us are reading scriptures.  She loves her High 5 magazine, especially the hidden pictures.  It is such a joy to see her so involved and concentrate so hard!

Rachel LOVES to sing, and knows the words to so many songs.  I frequently hear her singing “I love to see the temple” and “I am a child of God” as she goes about her day.  She seems to have a song running through her head all the time.

She is excited to be 4 and start preschool in the fall.  She is such a great big sister to her younger brothers and is already quite the mother.

We love you Rachel!  You add such a zest to life and we love you to pieces!


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  1. Yay, we love you Rachel! Happy Big 4th birthday!