Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updates…We’re Home!

We were lucky enough to get to come home last night (about 60 hours after birth).  My shortest stay for a c-section!  Here are a few updates about Daniel:


No NICU stay at all!!  That made for happy parents!  He had to stay in the nursery for most of his first day so they could re-check his heart.  His heart looks just like they thought it would, so that is good.  The nursery people were also concerned that he wasn’t keeping his oxygen saturation high enough (above 90%).  The cardiologists said he only needs to keep it above 80%, and he passed that hurdle with flying colors.  By the evening of his birth day he was with me the entire time, with the exception of occasional trips to the nursery for assessments.

He was able to maintain his temperature without a warmer, and he maintained 95% of his birth weight, which means he is eating well.  He has been awesome at nursing!  We usually have to wake him up to eat (every 3 hours), but I’ll take that over tube feedings or trekking to the NICU any day!


His bilirubin levels were slightly elevated, but not high enough to require treatment.  (Another sign that he’s eating well.)  We get to follow up on that with our own pedi. later this week.

His muscle tone is very good for a baby who has Down syndrome.  A huge help for eating!

He has just been such a joy.  He sleeps well and hardly ever cries.  And his cries are more like a yelp – so cute!

The other kids got to come visit at the hospital yesterday before we came home.  They love him to pieces and are so fascinated by every little thing he does.








  1. Oh my word, that is so cute! I love the huge smiles of Racheal and Caleb! And it's fun to see Josh holding him too. I LOVE the hat! I'm guessing you made it? It looks so stinking cute on him.
    I'm really glad that he's eating well.

  2. Everyone looks so happy to have that sweet baby! SO glad you are all home now. Home is the best! I hope things keep going well with you and Daniel!