Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimming Lessons

July has been the month for swimming lessons.  Emily and Josh took two sessions of swimming from Gin Manning again this year.  And of course, they complained about having to go for two weeks prior, and after their first session begged to go more!  Go figure!

They are both getting to be pretty darn good swimmers, and we could see a huge improvement from last year in just the first session.  I couldn’t tell you much of what they learned – I was too busy keeping two curious busy-bodies out of the pool.  But here are some pictures.

Just look at that form!



These are pencil drop dives – they get pretty deep if they keep their bodies nice and straight.


I think this is called a throw up dive (or something like that!).  They’re supposed to throw their legs up into the air so they get the right angle going down into the water.  Seemed to be a tough thing for all the kids.


Mr. Motorboat


Miss Fish…watch out – she’s quick!


I’m proud of these kids – they are hard workers and always try their best.  And they’re so good at paying attention to their teachers.  Way to go Emmy and Josh!


  1. Came across your blog looking for a contact number for Gin Manning to get swim lessons for my kids. Do you by chance have that?

  2. Good luck!