Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discovery Gateway

We took a trip down to the Children’s Museum at the Gateway in SLC during June. My mom had given us tickets for Christmas, so we thought we better get them used. She was kind enough to come with us to help with “crowd control” and I’m so glad she did! Caleb the Tornado was in true form and could hardly be contained. What are we going to do with him?!?!

We loved the museum, but I thought it wasn’t quite as vast as the old one. There were some cool features though. The kids loved the Life Flight helicopter - we had to drag Caleb away kicking and screaming! Emily and Josh really enjoyed the KSL TV studio where they got to see themselves on TV. And of the course the water play area was a hit. We couldn't seem to keep Caleb from drinking the water - EWWWW!! There was a strong odor of chlorine in the air, so I'm sure there was plenty in the water to kill all the ickies, but still....EWWWW!!! There was a hand dryer nearby, which was just as entertaining for Caleb as the water was. Jared held him under it for a bit to dry him off.

Enjoy the pictures! (Click on View Full Album to see all 21 of them. Trying something new...not sure how I feel about it, so feel free to leave your opinion for me!)

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