Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our FHE Adventure

We decided to have FHE in Providence Canyon a couple of weeks ago.  I cooked some boyscout dinners and we all loaded into the van for a fun adventure.

We ate our yummy dinner amidst the cow pies.  Thankfully they were dry.  But much to our dismay, we could not keep Caleb and Rachel from playing with them.  EWWWW!!

Then we pulled out Jared’s .22 and shot water balloons that we had filled up with air.  Emily and Josh LOVED that part!  Oh, and Jared loved it too.  OK, I’ll admit it – I had fun too!  It’s a great way to let off a little steam!SDC15653




Rachel and Caleb had fun playing around and picking up the little plastic BBs that were all over the ground.  Jared was lucky enough to snap these picture of Rachel being not so happy.  First comes the lip…


And then the floodgates open, letting out quite the outburst…SDC15671

That’s some quality blackmail material for down the road!! 

And based on this picture, I think Caleb will get the hang of using a gun with no problems at all!!SDC15690

As we headed back down the canyon, we were keeping our eyes on the road, looking for a snake that we thought Jared may have run over on our way up.  Sure enough, we spotted a snake lying in the middle of the road, so we stopped to take a look.  And this is what we saw…


A nice sized rattle snake with a squished head!  YIKES!!  Jared has some serious driving skills!  I’m just glad we were in the van and not sitting in the grass having our dinner!

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