Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July…sort of!

Here are a few pictures from part of our Independence Day celebration.  Since the 4th was on a Sunday, we partied from Friday through Monday (with a break on Sunday of course).  We had fun watching fireworks, eating yummy food, and being together.

Emily loves Alaina’s glow-stick glassesSDC15412

The kids all had fun playing frisbee – Conna is the BEST aunt ever!SDC15386

Caleb with a mouth FULL of candy – and some of it drooling out the corners.  He’s such a cute kid!  I can’t seem to get enough of him!  And he always makes sure I have lots of chances!


I love the expression on Caleb’s face as he and Rachel are watching the fireworks!  After a few seconds of watching, he was up in my lap, saying “I scare fireworks!”  He roamed from one person to the next the whole time, sitting long enough to see a few flashes and hear a few booms, and let us all know he was scared.  Rachel loved them and couldn’t take her eyes off them.


Uh oh, I think she’s already to the “no more pictures, please!” phase!


I love that we are so close to family.  Holidays are so much more enjoyable when we get to spend them together.  The kids get along so well – it’s fun to watch them play together.  We are so blessed!

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  1. Thanks Heather, you are so nice! I love the pictures!