Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lagoon Trip #2

We hit the south end of the park on this trip. Jared was ready to go on Wicked (I would have gone too, but we didn’t think it would be good to leave all 4 kids by themselves!) and they closed it down for maintenance. We’ll have to do it next time!

Caleb is getting more brave, and even stuck his hands up on one of the rides! He was crying during most of it the last time we went.

Emily and Josh went on Colossus with me, and then Josh went again with Jared. They are pretty brave. I was worried that Emily’s glasses would fly off, but thankfully they stayed put.

Emily and Josh came with me on Cliffhanger, and boy did we get soaked! It felt good to cool off, but it’s really annoying to walk around in wet jeans until you dry off!SDC15241

Rachel and Caleb loved this one – the guns made a noise when they pulled the trigger (or pushed a button?).SDC15188

Josh and Emily were really good (again) to help with the Caleb and Rachel when we couldn’t. In fact, I think Josh and Rachel had some great bonding time. Silly goofs!SDC15251

Emily and Josh love this one – it lifts you up and then drops you down, so you get that great feeling of weightlessness (is that really a word??).


We also had a great time on the train and the carousel. We hope we get to come back a few more times before the end of summer!

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