Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Recap

Because I seem to have NO time lately (which is odd seeing that Jared has been home so much), I'm going to do a super-quick, very abbreviated Christmas recap. I took a sleigh-full of pictures while we were having all our fun, so you'd all be very ZZZZZZZZ if I went into too much detail. So.... here we go:

  • Inches of snow received since mid-December: at least 24
  • Number of husbands overly happy to have purchased that much desired snowblower: 1
  • Number of wives happy to not have to help with the snow removal: 1
  • Number of Christmas parties attended by at least Jared and/or Heather: 6
  • Number of Nativity Scenes adorning our home: 13
  • Number of times Christmas ornaments were moved or removed: every time I looked
  • Number of presents given: Never enough
  • Number of presents received: WAYYYYY too many!
  • Sad moments: Only 1!!! And it was when Emily realized she forgot to thank Santa! By george, I think she's getting it!
  • Number of gifts lovingly hand-crafted: 25
  • Trips to the store to get all those last-minute things: At least a dozen, I swear!
  • Sugar cookies made: a few
  • Sugar cookie dough eaten: more than we ever want to think about!
  • Gingerbread consumed: about 2 pounds!
  • Wrapping paper used: several rolls
  • Number of late nights since Christmas Eve: 5 (midnight or later....ughghgh!!!)
  • Number of pinatas dismantled: 1, holding enough candy to feed a small country for a month!
  • Sitting on Santa's lap: Once for Emily, once for Josh (wouldn't even LOOK at Santa), and Rachel watched from a distance
  • Hours spent playing the Wii: I'll take the 5th on this one!
  • Trips made by kids to the sledding hill since Christmas: about 8
  • Number of baby Jesus dolls found and lovingly cared for by Rachel: too many to count
  • Watching Rachel love and nurture anything remotely resembling a baby: PRICELESS
  • Number of Christmas shows/movies watched: 4
  • Number of trips to see Christmas lights around Cache Valley: 1 official, but always oohing and aahing with every trip anywhere
  • Number of pictures taken during December: 230 - wow, I thought it was a lot more
  • Number of pictures taken Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 135!!!! Is that all???
  • Overall rating for this Christmas: BEST EVER!!

Here are a few highlights in pictures...

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Now on to those New Years' Resolutions....!

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