Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Jared has begged me, shamelessly I might add, for the past several years to make real gingerbread so we can make gingerbread houses. Honestly, I have never had the desire to put the extra effort into making it, cutting out the house shapes, etc…..UGHGHGH!! What’s wrong with graham crackers??!?

Well this year, he won. And I’m soooo glad he did! Real gingerbread is so yummy, way better than graham crackers! Thankfully, I’ve been done with the Christmas shopping for a while (got most of it done before Thanksgiving), so I’ve had some time to do things I have always intended to do in years past, but have just never had the time.

I did make one modification, though – all in the name of compromise! Instead of houses, we made Christmas trees. It was WAY easier than dealing with walls that fall over and roofs that cave in! We used star-shaped cookies to make the trees, glued them on top of each other with a little frosting, put some more frosting on the tips of the branches, and added candy for ornaments and lights. Ta da!!

We had a girls’ tree and a boys’ tree, and if you ask me, the girls’ tree ROCKS! It was so funny to watch. The boys – being boys – just slapped it all together, as fast as they could, and then started eating. The girls – being girls – were delicate, took their time, created a beautiful masterpiece, and then enjoyed looking at it the rest of the evening.

Rachel enjoyed watching from her highchair. She was pretty tired, but still enjoyed the goodies that were passed her way to keep her happy.

Caleb was lucky enough to get in on the action. What baby can resist a binky-topped Christmas tree??!!?

Now this is a tradition we’re definitely going to repeat. So much fun!

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