Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Things I Love About Winter

Winter is NOT my favorite season. In fact, it's a season I wish we could totally skip! I don't like snow (except on Christmas), I don't like being cold, Jared works 65+ hours a week from Feb. into April, it seems like someone is ALWAYS sick...Bleh!!! It's enough to make me wish I was one of those creatures that hibernates!

So, in the spirit of having a good POSITIVE additude (even if it feels a little forced!), here is my list of 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT WINTER

1. The Holidays
2. Snow can entertain my children for a LONG time
3. It leads to SPRING, my FavOriTe season
4. I can feel OK about sitting around doing absolutely nothing because of the weather
5. Hot chocolate
6. The electricity bill sure goes down
7. Don't have to worry about how the yard looks
8. There's almost always a thaw at some point
9. I love the way newly-fallen snow sparkles in the sunshine
10. Winter doesn't last forever!!!

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