Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to School

The day to start school finally came - the day we've been anticipating all summer! Emily was up bright and early and soooo excited to get the day going. She got dressed in her cute new clothes, her favorite being the pants with butterflies on them. She even requested that I do two cinnamon roll buns - one on each side - for her hairdo! An odd request coming from the girl who HATES to have her hair done. And I don't even know how to do cinnamon roll buns or where she got the idea from (I'm suspecting it came from Princess Leia on Star Wars, but who knows?)!! She finally said, "Fine, just do something cute!" So I think we came up with a cute alternative.

Emily said it was fun to go to school and she even made some new friends. She loved seeing all of her Primary friends on the playground. When it was time for bed she said, "Can I go back again tomorrow?" I'd like that in writing please!!

When I took her this morning - day 2 - she said "Why are you coming in with me? I thought you were just going to drop me off!" Makes ya' feel so good to know they need you!

Josh seemed to be a little lost without her. He kept saying, "When are we going to go get Emily?" He was so excited to go see her in her classroom at the end of the day. He got a big smile out of her when she saw him through the window in her classroom door!

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