Monday, September 18, 2006


We got a kitten a few weeks ago and we named him Tiger. He is so cute! The kids - especially Emily - love him almost to death! For some reason, he loves to let Emily carry him around like a little baby. I guess she just has the touch because he won't let anyone else do it! He is so frisky and playful. It is a lot of fun to watch him when he's chasing his tail, or chasing a bug up our screen door.

We got him mainly for spider control. Here in the west, we are so unlucky to be almost overrun by the lovely hobo spider. Our rock walls in the backyard seem to be a hobo haven, which makes me sooo nervous. I really don't want to deal with a child bitten by one of those things - it's pretty nasty. So, I was reading up on the spiders and discovered that cats will eat them. No one had to talk me into getting a cat after that. I was the one doing all the convincing and looking! Go get 'em Tiger!!

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