Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Missing Santa Barbara

Yesterday was quite an overcast day with a few raindrops here and there. It really reminded me of those gray May days we'd have in Santa Barbara. I got thinking about Santa Barbara and the two years we spent there. Of course when you think of Santa Barbara, you see the beautiful sunshine. There are few things more beautiful or enjoyable than a sunny day in Santa Barbara. So I decided I'd post some of my favorite pictures from the time we spent living there. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed re-visiting them!

This is the kids and me (Jared is taking the picture) at Goleta Beach on New Years Day, 2004. We had so much fun playing together that day. I remember we dug a hole in the sand and put each of the kids in it and took their pictures. How fun it was to call all our family back in Utah and brag that we got to spend our day at the beach, while they were all stuck inside in the middle of winter!

This is Emily and me at a huge field of marigolds between Buelton and Solvang. Have you ever seen such a pretty field of flowers?? Emily's hair almost blends right in! This was in September 2004 when Jared's family came to visit. This was a fun visit for us. We got to spend some time with Jared's parents and his sister who returned from her mission to Toronto earlier that summer.

This is Jared holding Josh in September 2005. I believe this was above the Leadbetter Beach area. We were out driving around hoping to spot some dolphins, or maybe whales. No such luck this time. But we did get to see some excellent scenery. We were able to see a lot of dolphins while we lived in Goleta, but we never did see any whales. Maybe someday when we go back!

This is Josh and Emily at UCSB the week before we moved back to Utah in October 2005. We had just visited the touch tanks with our friends, Tamara and Ilan and Ingrid, Billy, & Seth. At the touch tanks the kids got to hold sea stars, sea cucumbers and other sea creatures. We even got to touch a shark! Maybe never getting to see any whales isn't so bad after all! How many people can say they've touched a shark!

We miss all you Santa Barbarians, and hope you'll send us an email if you're reading this. Or leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Ahh, I miss those SB days too! I hope sometime to live near the ocean like that again. I guess we live near right now, but more like 40 minutes away. It just isn't the same.