Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Months Old

I know…this post is like 2 weeks overdue.  But Daniel will be 10 months old for another 2 weeks, so I figure it still counts!

Look how he’s grown!!  (And I am dumbfounded that he will be one in six short weeks…yikes!!  How did that happen?!?!)

2 days, 1 month

6,8 months

10 months

I love this most recent picture.  It really shows the love affair Daniel has with his hands. If you’ve never witnessed it, you’re really missing out!  He loves to watch them, fling them about, and suck on them, not to mention use them to touch, grab, pull and eat everything he can get them on.

(Rachel, Emily and Caleb are playing in R/C’s room right now and Emily is lecturing Caleb in their pretend game of ice cream shop.  Seriously?)

Daniel also loves to stand.  He would do it all day long if his little legs could take it.  He was sitting in his bassinet the other day and he PULLED TO STAND all by himself!!  (Yes, he’s STILL in a bassinet for sleeping.  He sleeps through the night and hasn’t been pulling up on it until just the other day.  And Jared was right there with him.  He’s safe.  I promise.)

Look, Ma…no hands!

No hands

He can do this for a few seconds before he chickens out and crumples to the floor.  Progress, progress!  (And that little dimple in his right cheek is about as cute as it gets.  Just sayin’…)

He now has two teeth, with two more close behind.  They are pretty sharp, so watch out if you dare to let him get ahold of your finger(s)!!

And just because I love this one…(sorry it’s blurry, but it’s just so cute)…


I think he has a pretty great story to tell.

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