Friday, March 23, 2012

Young Writer’s Fest

There are FIVE kids in this family, and I am trying really hard for this blog to not be about just ONE of them!  Each of them is special and I want to make sure my kids – and everyone reading this – knows that.

Emily is our oldest.  She is quickly becoming a talented artist, writer, and musician.  She was recently chosen to attend a Young Writer’s Fest at the University.  She was one of 25 writers chosen from her school.  She was pretty excited, and got up early just to curl her hair!


I enjoyed getting to see her read her story for the panel of (adult) writers.  She was a bundle of nerves as she anticipated her turn to read.  She did a fabulous job, complete with inflection, enthusiasm and a smile on her face.  The writers had nice comments for her and she beamed as her turn ended.

Here is a video of her reading.  It’s really hard to hear her, though.  We were in a very large room, with no microphone, and the air conditioning (or maybe heater) was running the entire time.  I could hardly hear what she was saying and I was only 10 feet away!

Not to fret, though.  Here is the actual story if you care to read.

Haunted house story_Page_1  

       Haunted house story_Page_2

        Haunted house story_Page_3

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