Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Smiles

This is what three clicks of the camera brought me today.  Ok…I took more than three pictures, but these three were *almost* in succession.  How can you resist that face?  Even the “Aw, c’mon mom.  This is ridiculous!” face is adorable!


Daniel has a big milestone coming up in a couple of days: 6 months post open heart surgery.  6 MONTHS!!  More on that later.

And now for something completely different…

Caleb is my silly boy, and he makes me laugh A LOT (which is good, ‘cause something needs to break up the monotony of tax season).  The boy is N.U.T.S!!  He has no fear, he loves to fight (usually in a playful way), he has the most hilarious sense of humor, and he often uses big words that he doesn’t understand (but he uses them correctly, which makes it even more funny).  He loves to say, “Grandma (or mom, or some other grown-up) you do not make any sense!”  Oh, and he loves to vacuum.  Go figure!

Yesterday he took a bath after getting his hair cut.  When he was done, he curled up under his towel on the bathroom floor to dry off.  And then he fell asleep.  In a heap, on the floor.  But I didn’t take a picture because it would have just looked like a heap of a towel on the floor since he was completely underneath (which is probably good since he had no clothes on).

He came out this morning, all dressed for church, and this is what he looked like…


…and he came to me in the kitchen and said (in his most serious voice), “Mom, do I look cool?”  Stifling my giggles, I said, “Oh yeah, buddy.  You look TOTALLY cool.”  And he was patient enough to let me get my camera and take a picture. 

This one is for my mom, who wants a picture of my new hair.


Hehehe!!  Still got it in me, huh?!?

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