Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy {Half} Heart Day!

Dear Daniel,

Six months ago, I handed you to the surgeons who would repair your heart.  I’ve never had to do anything so difficult before.  While we were waiting for them to come for you, I actually told Dad that I wanted to take you and run as fast as my legs could go!  As much as I had wanted to get to the day when your heart was repaired, I dreaded even the thought of what you would go through.  I worried that something may go wrong and I would never again get to see your smile or snuggle you close.  But deep down, I knew that what ever happened, you would be safe.  And that gave me the courage to let go when it was time.

{Scar free and ready to go.}


You fought so hard and worked your way back to the happy, smiling boy we love so much.


You (and the rest of us) persevered through medicine that gave you diarrhea, exhaustion just from drinking a bottle, and more than 2 months of a dang tube in your nose! And now you can roll, you can sit, you eat {almost} as much as a teenage boy, you laugh, you STAND, you army crawl, you babble, and you charm everyone you meet.


You’ve come a long way little Buddy!


I will forever be thankful for the amazing surgeons who saved your life.  And I will be eternally grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me be your mom. You are a wonderful blessing to me and I can’t imagine life without you…

 smile reflection

…because you’ve got heart, and you do my heart good!

Love, Mom

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  1. Oh I remember waiting for your updates on that day. Look at him now.... so handsome and happy!