Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweaty Baby

**I think my attempts at Trisomy Tuesday are quickly fading.  I’m running out of stuff I can share…I’m still new to this adventure and don’t know a ton myself!  So I’m going to dedicate Tuesday posts to Daniel instead of sharing information specifically about Down syndrome.  That way, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of stuff to share!**

This is what Daniel frequently looks like after eating…


Hard to see, but that’s a sweaty head.  Eating is hard work!  And that’s with a bottle nipple that is so fast it practically runs into his mouth with no effort!  He can hardly keep up with the flow these days.  It just breaks my heart (no pun intended!) to know that eating is like running a marathon for him.


When it’s an especially hard day, he gets sweaty just lying around in our oh-so-pleasant air-conditioned abode.  Just imagine what he’ll be able to do when his heart works properly and he can devote his energy to activities other than surviving!

Happy Tuesday…and stay cool out there!

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