Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School, 2011-2012

The school year really seemed to sneak up on us this year.  Can it really be the end of August and the beginning of a new year of learning?

I have never been so nervous about a new school year.  Never.  Is it because I’m getting older and sensing my own mortality more with each passing day?  Is it because we have entered a new phase, with our oldest child entering middle school?  Whatever the reason, I was a nervous wreck all day long.  Ok…I was a nervous wreck the whole week!

Emily and Josh did great.  They came home happy and excited to tell me all about their first day.  Emily had success riding the bus, dealing with her locker, moving from class to class, and getting to know 7 new teachers and lots of new kids.  Josh is such a pro, because he’s a 4th grader…almost king of the school!  He had a great day and survived the heat on the hottest day of the year in a school with no air conditioning.

Man I missed them!


(I have a confession…I didn’t get pictures before they left for school.  It totally slipped my mind!  We faked it this evening to make up for my mushy brains.)

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