Thursday, August 4, 2011

Denver: Day 2

We found another nice park in the morning, though not quite as good as the one on Wednesday.  This park was near some beautiful open space, with a stream running by and a neat bridge over the stream.

After playing, we picked up Jared and got some lunch.  We chose a little place called Garbanzo – a Mediterranean style grill.  The food was pretty tasty, and the pitas were especially delicious.  Then we headed downtown for the Denver Firefighters Museum.  We had to hurry, because they closed at 4 p.m.  It was a neat museum that showcased the changes in firefighting through the years.  The building was old and hot, and it was packed full of old fire engines and firefighting equipment.  The kids loved the area where they could dress up in fireman garb and play on an old (1950’s or 1960’s I’d guess) fire engine.



Denver is a beautiful city.  It reminds us of Salt Lake City, but with more trees and other foliage.


We had our fun in town and had a nice drive back to our hotel.  Technically speaking, our hotel was in Denver, but it was about 5-10 miles south of actual downtown.  A nice area, but still really busy during peak times.

Since it was my birthday, we went to Beau Jo’s, a local pizza place.  The pizza was pretty good, and we got to drink from pint-sized canning jars.  I’ll have to remember that for those times when we just don’t have enough glasses in the cupboard!

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and let the kids (and Jared) swim in the swimming pool.  Caleb and Rachel insisted on buzzing back and forth between the hot tub and the pool.  As you can imagine, the ground was super slippery, and they both had unwanted meetings with it a few times.  Caleb finally learned to walk really slowly after he conked his head pretty hard.  I think we’re lucky we walked away {mostly} unscathed. 

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