Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken the week before we went to Denver.  It’s a good thing we went on vacation…I would have gone nuts waiting to get them back!  Our photographer was Casey McFarland (  He used to live in our ward, and he and his wife were Rachel’s and Caleb’s nursery teachers for a while.  He is such an amazing photographer, and he really did a great job capturing our family.  I only wish some of my children would have cooperated a little more.  Oh well!

Here is my absolute favorite…


Isn’t it just perfect?!?!  So glad I had him wearing blue…it really makes his eyes pop.

I love these of Caleb and Rachel too…


And here are Josh (same from his b-day post) and Emily (who wins the prize for perfection)…


And the kids all together…


Now the hard part!  I can’t decide on which of the family shots I like the best.  Care to weigh in?  I’d love some opinions!

CMP_4499 I love the blue sky behind us and the group arrangement.  I don’t love that you can’t really see Daniel.

CMP_4557 I like the lighting on this one, and the arrangement is good.  I don’t like that Daniel is looking off to the side.

CMP_4661Just wish I could change the looks on 2 faces here…otherwise it would be perfect.

CMP_4686I don’t like orange-on-orange with Caleb and me.  And can I get just ONE MORE smile, PLEASE?!?!?  Everything else is great.

CMP_4693 Again, orange-on-orange, and one this-is-so-painful face!  Love the rest.

So…I’d love to hear what you think.  PLEASE!!  And just because I’m so nice, here is another one that I really like!  (There are actually a lot more that I really like, but we might be here until next week if I post them all!)



  1. Awesome posts, it was fun to see what you did in Denver! My personal favorite is the last family picture. Brady had tons of fun with Caleb in the pool!

  2. My favorite is the second one! They are seriously all amazing though! I love them, I'll have to remember Casey for when we want family pictures!

  3. I like family pics #1,2, and 3. Just a thought, if you have other shots that are similar in composition to #3 but better smiles on some faces, can your photographer just switch faces? I know some can do that. I've done it with some success myself, but it is hard painstaking work.

  4. I love them! Such a great looking family.

  5. These are so STUNNING!! Honestly, I love all the family pics. If I HAD to choose a favorite, I think I would pick #2. (Actually, my very favorite is the last one, of proud Mom and Dad, and a happy Daniel! Precious!)