Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!

Can you believe this incredibly handsome boy is already is 9 years old?!?!


Josh had been counting down the days until his birthday for at least 2 weeks (but probably longer).  I think he may have been excited.  He wrote up a list of the things he wanted a while back.  Besides colored pencils, everything on the list was Legos.  He got the colored pencils as a Denver surprise, so he had an all-Lego birthday.

This was his request for breakfast…pumpkin waffles.  A boy after my own heart!


We mostly just hung out and played at home.  Josh was lucky enough to have his Dad take the afternoon off from work, so the two of them (with a few helpers) spent a whole lot of time playing Legos.

We had hamburgers and homemade fries for dinner, and apple pie for the birthday treat.  He is definitely his father’s son!  They both have good taste though.


9 things about Josh:

  • He loves Legos.  A lot.
  • He has a great memory.
  • He is really good at math.
  • He loves to play computer and Wii.
  • He is very friendly.
  • He is good at sports, especially baseball.
  • He learns new things really fast.
  • He loves hamburgers, apple pie, crepes (his original breakfast request) and candy.
  • He has a good heart.

We love you Josh!  You’re such a fun part of our family, and we’re happy we get to be a part of your life and watch you grow up.

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