Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seven Years Old!


LIttle Miss Rachel turned SEVEN last week!  I can’t believe how fast the time has flown!  I swear it was just yesterday that we were sitting in the NICU with her, cheering her on as her weak and premature lungs strengthened enough to function properly.  What a difference a few years can make!



Rachel is such a giggly, fun, sweet, smiley and tender little girl.  She is so loving and thoughtful, and she tells me all the time how much she loves me and how I’m the best mom in the world.  She is an amazing reader and she loves math.

And she sure knows how to have fun!  There was only one thing she specifically wanted for her birthday: a pink sleeping bag.  When her wish was granted, I thought she was going to burst!


Some of her favorites right now: riding her bike, playing with friends, talking to mom, the color pink, cordon bleu pasta, yogurt.

We sure love our Rachel!  She seems to be the perfect balance point between our older kids and our younger kids.  She’s got a little bit of everything, and we’re so glad she is in our family!

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  1. Rachel is such a sweetie! I love her excitement over her sleeping bag!! I hope you had a good day!